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Check out my blog for tutorials and articles that will (hopefully) help you learn a little more about programming. Highlights include:

This extensive seven-part tutorial takes you through the process of building and deploying your first full-featured Django application. You'll learn about project structure, static file management, working with ModelForms, user session control, templating, handling different types of HTTP requests, and deploying to an Ubuntu-based server running nginx & gunicorn.

This tutorial was written for Django version 1.7 and is compatible with versions up to 1.9

Learn how to use the PRAW library, interact with remote APIs, manipulate and serialize data, and use task scheduling tools to repeatedly run a script. This one's quick and fun!

Why spend $2 a pop? Just click a button and play pretend Powerball in your browser, over and over and over again. Uses the same rules for selecting winning numbers as real Powerball, but it's way easier to cheat with my game (and much more pointless). Uses odometer.js

This is a small tool designed to monitor the status of a given server or service. This is a proof-of-concept to be used as a teaching example, not an enterprise monitoring solution.

Upload a video and get a unique, one-time link to watch it. Once it's been viewed - by anyone - the video is deleted from the server. Contact me if you want a licensed copy of this app for your business.

I am the full-stack developer at I also manage the server, but I can't bring myself to apply the label anything-"administrator" to what I do.

In addition to web development, I've been in financial sales and marketing for years. I needed a simple, compact lead distribution and management system to get information to my affiliate partners in real time. SquareRobin is the system I wrote and use today - check it out!

I'm available for hire for your web development needs. I'm best on the back end with Python/Django, and I'm comfortable with Javascript/jQuery, HTML/CSS, and the relevant bits of Unix system administration.

Find me on Github and/or StackOverflow. Use the form below to get in touch.

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